Effortless Personalization Strategies to Boost Gym Profits

When it comes to methods of communication to motivate clients in your gym, what works best? In a nutshell, personalization to your clients

Research shows that if you treat your clients as individuals, loyalty increases – and that’s going to be reflected in your gym membership, revenues, and profits.

Now, I guess you’re wondering how the heck you can personalize every message you send out? Sounds like arduous work, but it isn’t. Here are five communication methods that will help you get close and personal to your clients in all your communication with them.

  1. Personalization and segmentation

Digital communication channels mean it is easier to find and engage with your audience. The important thing to do here is to make sure your audience receives relevant information – content that they find interesting and informative. To do this, you use a method called segmentation.

This is easily done on email business services like MailChimp. It’s like putting people in boxes and directing content that is relevant to each box. 

For example, you can simply copy and paste Prime Fit Content into your newsletter for your over-50 gym clients and then send it – the whole process only takes you a few seconds.

  1. Track and celebrate milestones of your gym clients

Happy gym clients are clients you will retain (and an increase of just 5% in member retention can improve your profits by upwards of 25%). How do you make them happy?

One way is to give them a shot of dopamine, by celebrating their milestones with updates on their progress toward their goals. For example, you could send them a congratulatory email upon hitting their first major milestone or give them an incentive for achieving their goals.

Set up a system for tracking your clients’ progress. Collect and organize client data (as you do, for example, when signing up a new member), and make it a ritual to collate results and send those celebration emails.

  1. Track activity and follow up

Why has a client stopped coming to your gym? They missed a class, which you know they love. What happened? Show you care.

Following up with your clients can help you get ahead of your competition and make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your gym members coming back.

To follow up with your clients, you must track their activity. You must find out what they have been doing and what they haven’t. A great system to do this effortlessly is Naamly, a gym member experience platform that does most of the communication donkey work for you.

For example, Naamly keeps track of when you last reached out to clients and includes a smart messaging tool to help you keep your members engaged.

  1. Use Facebook groups to build a community on social media 

Social media is a terrific way to build a community and connect with new people in a variety of ways. One great strategy is to use Facebook groups to build a community.

Set up a Facebook group targeting your audience. Share Prime Fit Content to the group, and watch your audience grow. Again, our copy-and-paste content created specifically for social media use makes it easy to do – and your group receives social media messaging on a group that is personalized to them, their interests, passions, and goals.

  1. Determine what’s the best communication channel

The internet has changed the world. It is now used as the go-to place to communicate with your target audience. With this, it’s important to identify what communication channel will best engage your audience and then deliver engaging content on that communication channel. 

Is it your blog? A weekly newsletter? Facebook?

We recommend using all the communication channels available to you. With Prime Fit Content, you can. We focus on creating exceptional content for the over-50 gym market, which is deliverable across all your communication channels and optimized for mobile, tablet, and computer. Copy, paste, send. It couldn’t be simpler.

Personalize your communication to motivate gym members

The key takeaway is to get personal with communication.

Clients love to know that they matter to you. They want to know that they are not just a number, but that you treat them as individuals. This means personalizing communication with them. With the tools available today, this can be done easily and effortlessly.

You’ll always stay connected when needed. With Prime Fit Content on your team, you’ll always share highly engaging and relevant content with your active agers. Content that makes them the hero, and is delivered in the format they most enjoy. Content that engages and retains.

You can get started today. Choose from our fitness content creation options, and receive content that is created specifically for the over-50s.

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